WordPress Plugin for Omeda

Make creating mailings easier by placing content published on your website

So how does WP-Omeda work?

WP-Omeda is a WordPress plugin that integrates WordPress and Omail. The plugin creates a custom post type in your WordPress admin called Omail. The user interface is just like managing posts. Each item is a mailing instead of a post. You see a list of your recent mails. You can view, edit, copy, test deliver and schedule a mailing.

You're an Editor Not a Coder

Are you a digital publisher or content marketer who routinely publishes posts to your WordPress website and then sends the same content out in a newsletter using OMail? Do you repeat the same steps over an over again each day or each week? You must create the mailing in Omail, select the content in WordPress, populate a WordPress page, add any advertising sections, copy the source code from WordPress, paste it into Omail, test the mailing, fix the mailing, rinse and repeat. When the mailing is finally correct you send it. You’re an editor not a coder!

If You Touch the Code it is Broken

All you have to do is miss one quote or double quote and the mailing is broken. How many times have you sent out a newsletter with a bad link? Or missed updating all the links with marketing codes that rendered all the ecommerce tracking useless? What is the damage to your brand when a link in a newsletter does not work? How upset do advertisers get when the link in their ad is broken? One simple mistake amplified to 150,000 recipients can cause a great deal of damage.

Do the Math

Add it up. A half an hour a day, an hour a week, a few hours a month constructing mailings using an outdated procedure will wasted thirty to sixty minutes per newsletter. You spend a great deal of time shoveling code doing a task that you know could be more automated. Do the math. If you have a daily newsletters across ten publication that equals half an hour times 22 days per month times twelve months times ten publications. That is 1,320 hour per year!

What if You Could?

What if you could build your newsletter in WordPress by selecting and dragging article posts into sections of the newsletter?

What if you could just copy yesterday’s newsletter and change the featured article? Then set the scheduled date and time and save the mailing post?

What if you did not have to log into Omeda to test the email, schedule it or send it now? What if you could insert ads into the newsletter from WordPress? What if you could just put DFP ad codes into an ad spot and the ad code would be fetched for you?

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